2013 BMW 750Li Price and Interior

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2013 BMW 750Li is the most innovative cars in the luxury segment. Sports car embodies elegance, refined powertrain technology and luxurious comfort in a unique design on New LED lights, interior upgrad-optimized, and comfort.

2013 BMW 750Li Picture

New 2013 BMW 750Li picture

2013 BMW 750Li picture

New 2013 BMW 750Li - wheel

2013 BMW 750Li – wheel

New 2013 BMW 750Li - side angle

2013 BMW 750Li – side angle

New 2013 BMW 750Li - rear angle

2013 BMW 750Li – rear angle

BMW 750Li provide an elegant and expressive profile. The exact contour of the bonnet draws the eye to the BMW kidney grille extends into the future. Chrome surround grille is now larger, delivering excellence with an elegant accent strip.

2013 BMW 750Li use V12 engine with BMW TwinPower Turbo technology, direct petrol injection and continuously variable camshaft control is the peak of the range BMW 7-Series engine. Aluminum powerplant produces 400 kW/544 hp output of the 5972 cc displacement, and makes peak torque of 750 Newton meters (553 lb-ft) of torque is available as low as 1,500 rpm.

2013 BMW 750Li prioritize dynamic performance, comfort and active safety with advanced chassis technology provide the ideal partner for repairs and power drive systems. To provide driving comfort, the car is equipped chassis with a modified rubber bearings and dampers.

2013 BMW 750Li Interior

New 2013 BMW 750Li interior3

2013 BMW 750Li interior3

New 2013 BMW 750Li interior2

2013 BMW 750Li interior2

New 2013 BMW 750Li interior1

2013 BMW 750Li interior1

For the rear axle, Electric Power Steering is a standard feature with the software and also retuned that help improve the long-distance travel enjoyable in terms of dynamics and comfort. 2013 BMW 750Li is equipped parking assistant uses ultrasonic sensors on the side of the vehicle that serves to help find a suitable parking place.

 The system helps the driver to maneuver safely and comfortably into the parking lot is positioned parallel to the direction of travel. With Parking Assistant is activated, the car can reduce the slow pace of no more than 35 km / h (22 mph), a notification appears in the Display Control to alert the driver to a suitable space that is at least 1.20 m (about 4 ft.).

2013 BMW 750Li price in USA is $90,500.00 (MSRP)