2013 Honda N-One Review and Interior

2013 Honda N-One new look with key features such as a spacious cabin comfortably accommodates four adults with stable performance and excellent composure. 2013 Honda N-One has a lightweight body design, extremely stiff and exclusive suspension. Other than that the car is very good fuel of 27.0km / L and also features Emergency Stop Signal (ESS) system as standard equipment.

2013 Honda N-One Picture

New 2013 Honda N One yellow

2013 Honda N One yellow

New 2013 Honda N One white

2013 Honda N One white

New 2013 Honda N One red

2013 Honda N One red

New 2013 Honda N-One blue

2013 Honda N-One blue

2013 Honda N-ONE features high-quality exterior that accommodate the unique tastes and a variety of exterior colors is offered for a total of 11 colors and 2-tone body color style, which has a different color for the body and roof.

2013 Honda N-One Turbo DOHC engine equipped with high performance turbo charger which is equivalent to the performance of the 1.3L class vehicles that drive smooth, powerful and fuel economy is excellent 27.0km / L which through a combination of machine and optimally-tuned DOHC CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).

For safety features 2013 Honda N-One is equipped VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist), HSA (Hill Start Assist) system that prevents the vehicle from rolling back when starting on an incline, side curtain airbag system that helps reduce the impact of the head in the side impact and front seat i-side airbag system, Pedestrian injury mitigation body which has a structure that absorbs the impact of a collision on a pedestrian’s head.

2013 Honda N-One Interior

New 2013 Honda N One interior

2013 Honda N One interior

Timeless N design which is friendly and impressive:

  • Individuality and innovativeness are expressed with the friendly and timeless hatchback style which was designed in the motif of the N360.
  • There are five color combinations for the 2-tone color style which more effectively highlights the individual tastes of customers.
  • The Interior design is simple and yet great attention was paid to ensure the quality feel of materials in every detail. Comfort and a sense of security were pursued with the large-size bench seat. With these factors, a comfortable cabin space was achieved that people will not grow tired of even after prolonged use.
  • A flat and cleanly fit audio system display was adopted. By connecting a smart phone using “InterNavi Pocket,” a genuine navigation system application developed by Honda, the navigation screen can be displayed on the screen of the audio system (manufacturer’s option).