2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Review and Interior

Bugatti is known for a car company that produces the fastest road supercar with sporty, elegance and luxurious design. Recently Bugatti had designed a new car called Galibier but until now there is no further information about the car. It is rumored that officials of Bugatti did not like the Galibier design so the car did not go into production. It is believed that Galibier is replaced by the Bugatti SuperVeyron. People had known that the current Veyron is the fastest 0 – 60mph car and has the highest top speed with modern and elegance interior. Now, speed lovers can have high expectation for the result of 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Review and Interior.

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Pictures

New 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron White

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron White

New 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron

New 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Rear View

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Rear View

New 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Black

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Black


The designers and engineers of Bugatti worked hard to make the car. They cut 550 lbs. from the supercar to reduce the weight by putting high technology and use carbon fiber for the wheels. Bugatti ensure that the SuperVeyron will meet safety standard and is equipped with bigger center tunnel to get better strength and performance. The 20 inches front wheels and 21 inches rear wheels specially provided by Michelin to ensure the supercar to reach its speed limit. Bugatti SuperVeyron carry 8.0-liter W-16 engine to replace the previous 9.6-liter engine. It produces 1.600 horsepower and is estimated to reach 0 to 60 mph in 1.8 second and reaching maximum speed of 288 mph. By its great material support and great design, people will look forward for performance of 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Review.


New 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Interior

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Interior

New 2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Interior1

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Interior1

2014 Bugatti SuperVeyron Interior looks elegant and luxurious which different to exterior which is aggressive and sporty. However, we are often given option to choose the variants by Bugatti. The cabin is fully equipped with climate control automatic, heated seats, leather trim, an option of 3 types of sport seats, iPod interface, sound system, Bluetooth connectivity and navigation system with a rear view mirror display. The car will be sold around $2.5 million which is slightly higher than the current Veyron.

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