2014 Jaguar F-Type Review and Picture

2014 Jaguar F-Type sports car convertible is a focus on performance, agility and driver involvement. 2014 Jaguar F-Type is the most beautiful sports cars combined with the XK convertible and coupe models, the car offers a spacious cabin design and GT models.

2014 Jaguar F-Type Picture

New 2014 Jaguar-F Type picture

2014 Jaguar-F Type picture

New 2014 Jaguar-F Type red

2014 Jaguar-F Type red

New 2014 Jaguar-F Type black

2014 Jaguar-F Type black

2014 Jaguar F-Type combines the low vehicle weight (ranging from £ 3,521), high power (340hp, 380hp and 495hp versions) and the exceptional aerodynamics to achieve a pure sports car experience, but with elegance and luxury Jaguar.

2014 Jaguar F-Type is equipped with a modern restaurant that soft light that, when lowered, serves as its own tonneau cover. This will not only provide substantial weight savings, but also improve the packaging and contributes to a low center of gravity for the car greater agility.

2014 Jaguar F-Type has a light design vertically rather than horizontally, which naturally leads the eye along the crease and fenders, Grille lean slightly forward to make suggestions motion when the car is stationary. Bottom edge of the hood clamshell form the top side vents. Mesh on the grill and side vents are hexagonal design that provides greater shape and depth.

Full LED rear lights create a signature sports car with cues to reinterpret classics from the past. By wrapping the lights around the trailing edge of the rear wheel arches, powerful rear-wheel car reflects the way the front grille, tail folded into, reinforcing the impression that the car is ready to leap forward.

2014 Jaguar F-Type Interior

New 2014 Jaguar-F Type interior 1

2014 Jaguar-F Type interior 1

New 2014 Jaguar-F Type interior 2

2014 Jaguar-F Type interior 2

2014 Jaguar F-Type has the innovative aluminum body structure uses the most advanced rigid and lightweight. In addition to structural alloys, Jaguar also developed AC600 aluminum alloy panels in order to provide the desired design language. AC600 offers a blend of durability and quality with a great degree of formability.

Aluminum construction includes all-aluminum double-wishbone front and rear suspension, help validate the F-Type with an ideal balance, which increases the agility of a pure sports car. Stiffness F-type car jaguar provides the foundation for precise suspension system that provides great rider connectivity and fidelity response.