The Middle Size Crossover Car SUV Combination in 2016 Buick Anthem

2015 Buick Anthem – The Buick Company will release a crossover SUV combination car named 2016 Buick Anthem, which is likely to be tested on a snowy mountain area expected to be in Colorado. Since then, many reviews written by the experts and some speculation have been made regarding to its engine, interior and exterior, as well as the release date. The platform expected to be shared with the known model of GMC terrain and Equinox by Chevrolet. This model would be manufactured and launched for the America and China automotive market. Since it is a way to go the official launching, its name can be changed based on the company statement, it can be Anthem or Enspire. The main rival of this segment would be Lexus NX and Nissan Infiniti LX.
2016 buick anthem picture, review and specs

2016 Buick Anthem Engine

Even though the manufacturers have not confirmed yet regarding the engine, many reviews from the expert estimate that the engine will be either 2-liters of turbocharged 4-cylinders or 2.5-liters 4-cylinders engine. The former would pump up the power up to 259 horsepower with 295 pound-feet torque, while the latter produces only up to 195 horsepower with 187 pound-feet torque. Both engines are matched with the 6-speed automatic transmission and the drive is using the front wheel. There is also some speculation that the V6 engine of 3.5-liters is also available for this model. Since the car specification has not been stated officially, there are some rumors that this model will be come out as the hybrid car.


2015 Buick Anthem SUV off road models

2016 Buick Anthem Interior

The interior of Buick products is usually luxurious and high quality. The cabin is likely to be larger than previous model. It would be more luxurious and remarkable compared to the previous one. The seat will have leather upholstery for the cover. The door and steering wheel will have wooden leather materials. The other new features include a new integrated navigation system, a USB port and Bluetooth, audio input and LIDAR camera.

new models of 2015 buick anthem

2016 Buick Anthem Exterior

As mentioned earlier, the platform will be shared from two well-known vehicles and named as newly platform called D2UX; however, the detail of the design is still unknown. The best grille would be used to renew the front look. The LED light would consist of highlight, and the fog light would be added an aggressive view of the front body. In order to meet the aerodynamic line movement, the body would be manufactured by a chromium unit. As for the rear design, it would be reshaped to change the entire rear view. The bumper, spoiler, roof rack and the 17-inches wheel would also have been redesigned.

2016 Buick Anthem Release Date and Price

The 2016 Buick Anthem is expected to be released at the end of this year, and the price would be starting around $30,000. This will be launched in USA and china, so, this will be good news for the people of that country because they will have a new option for the mid-size crossover car.