2015 Ford Flex Concept and Review

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2015 Ford Flex Concept and Review – People have been always amazed by the well designed curvy shape, masculine look offered by mostly crossover but the ford flex appears different with its simple design yet unique feel to be remained stunning, even more ratherthan its last version, the 2014 ford flex. Thereview done by magazine news states that the car has stylish modern interior with high quality seats appear in brown elegant colour.

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2015 Ford Flex Engine

There are five types of 2015 Ford Flex such as SE FWD, SEL FWD, SEL AWD, Limited AWD, and Limited AWD EcoBoost. The firt type can cover V6 3.5 litres regular fuel with its power 285 hp @6,500 rpm (213 kW) and torque 255 lb ft @4,000 rpm (346 Nm). The transmission is 6 speed automatic with CO2 emissions which is estimated up to 4,876 kg / year. In terms of fuel efficiency, this type can performs in the city around 12.6 l.100 km and in the highway 8.1 l/100 km. This is exactly different to what the most advanced level, Limited AWD EcoBoost, which is ranged in 13.3 l/100 km in city driving, while the highway reaches 8.7 l/100 km.

2015 Ford Flex Interior

The interior of 2015 Ford Flex is elaborated to some general features of 7 seating capacity with passenger volume around 155.8 cu.ft and cargo volume 220.0 cu.ft. The front row’s volume is expanded to some spots such as leg room in 40.8 inches, head room in 41.8 inches and the shoulder room in 58.4. Meanwhile the second row and third rows have different volumes that have been adjusted to the proper space. To ease the drivers in seeking the address of destination, this car is equipped with voice directions via subscription service navigation system. Moreover, the drivers still enable topick up the important call of meeting and appointment, without have to use left hand since Bluetooth wireless data link for hands free phone is available to both supporting easy conversation and securing from any possible crash. Besides, other safety feature is also accommodated in dual front side mounted airbags.

2015 Ford Flex Exterior

The exteriorspecification is adjusted with the consistency of Ford Flex to be anti mainstream in its boxy chic classic design involving more straight lines compared to the previous version. There is the additional chrome that is equipped to span the circulation’s size to the front lights and grille of the car. A power lifegate, fog lamps, and cross traffic alerts system are some upgraded exteriors which feature the SEL ford flex type.

2015 Ford Flex Release Date and Price

This2015 ford flex, which is very proper to be used for urban city people, is soon to be released in early February 2015. This releasing info is reported by the official Ford website page. The estimated price of this car involving 8 to 10 seats of passengers is $29.015. The amount of this expensive cost can be vanished with the best features and specifications which are enveloped by how it looks to be uniquely classic and anti mainstream car design. This is even nothing for those who are vey fond of classic car.

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