2015 Nissan Z35 Concept and Review

2015 Nissan Z35 Concept and Review - If you want an alternative of a sports car, Nissan Z35 is probably the right choice although there is no official release about the launch of the Nissan Z35. However, some leaked photos and specifications have been circulating. It is interesting to wait for this car with some cool possibilities. And there is something very special this time. Nissan will work with Mercedes Benz which will provide the vehicle engine. Well, perhaps it would be the first step of the next cooperation. We just have to wait and enjoy the best news of the two companies. 2015 Nissan z35

2015 nissan z35 concept car

2015 nissan z35 concept design

2015 Nissan Z35 Engine

What can we get from this car specification? Reportedly, there are 2 types of engines supplied to Mercedes Benz for this car. They are machine hybrid and non-hybrid engine. For a hybrid engine, this car is supported by the engine with a capacity of 2000 cc. and also a 4-cylinder with a turbocharger. With a power of 211 HP, you might consider this as a lack of good sports car. But it is a logical consequence of an environmentally friendly hybrid engine. Meanwhile, the non-hybrid engine type will be far more devastating. It will be supported by the capacity of 3000 cc, 6-cylinder, with direct injection. Instead, it will be capable of generating power up to 408 HP. A vehicle that is very powerful, and almost 2 times better than a hybrid type of engine power.

2015 Nissan Z35 Interior

With the best style of a vehicle, it is proper that you need to consider how it can support comfort in the cabin. Fortunately, this type has been enhanced with the most comfortable and stylish dashboard of a car of the future. Indeed, it is a very important thing to remember there is a lot of competition from well-known brands.

2015 Nissan Z35 Exterior

There is always the best of an exterior. And that is the design review that we can observe in each indentation. Well, it will also be available in a standard version and a coupe cabriolet. Later, you will have the best choice of the type of sports car. In fact, it is designed with aerodynamic lines are very cool and was able to create the perfect character. It is a type that will hit the automotive market in the years ahead. However, this will be a full-powered car with the best speed. In fact, this will be a formidable competitor of other brands such as Aston Martin and Porsche. Of course, we only need to wait how it will be proven.

2015 Nissan Z35 Release Date and Price

Although there is no official news about the release date, this has been awaited by many people. And talk about the price, you certainly curious about it. According to various observers speculation automotive world, it will be marketed at a price of about USD 50 thousand. But remember that it may be changed at any time. Therefore, there is a possibility of additional features that deliberately prepared by the company. So, you have to be patient to wait for the best news of this Nissan Z35.

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