2016 Nissan Xterra Specification and Price

Nissa Xterra has been known as a sport utility vehicle category that is included in platform of Nissan’s F and introduced 2016 Nissan Xterrafor the upcoming model. This model is suitable for people who are interested in driving on rough tracks and long distances. Also, as being released in 2016, Nissan Xterra will be provided with a more advanced design which is SUV with a comfortable and large model. Moreover, the company has determined to make the dimensions bigger to create stronger Nissan Xterra. There will be many changes in this Nissa Xterra which that will be brought out in 2016 with a more powerful figure and stronger shaft.

nissan x terra off road

nissan x terra off road

2016 Nissan Xterra Engine

This model has a great specification that it will have a strong drive gear. It is equipped with the verified 4.0 liter V6 engine that is preferred by the manufacturers. With this engine, the Nissa Xterra can perform 281 pound-feet torsion and 261 horsepower. Furthermore, this model will acquire two variations of transmissions that are called the six speed manual and the five automatic speeds. Besides its powerful engine, the Nissa Xterra has diesel as a fuel type. Also, it will capable for speeding up from 0 up to 60 mph for 7.7 seconds.

2016 Nissan Xterra Interior

As mentioned before, this model has been redesigned with great changes for its interior. According to one of review, the Nissa Xterra is designed to be more comfortable by enhancing interior features. It is provided with a well-organized dashboard and there are many kinds of feature in the dashboard. Those features are very significant for safe driving. Meanwhile, in the center console of this model, there are high-tech features that consist of LCD screen in 4.3 inches, touch screen in 5.8 inches, system of air conditioning, USB ports and Bluetooth, system of pandora link support, 6 airbags, system of navigation, keyless entry, etc.

2016 Nissan Xterra Exterior

Different from its interior, the exterior of this model is redesigned only with a few changes for its appearance. It keeps back its box-shaped and tough visual aspect; and also it will be smaller compared to other forthcoming models. The car’s fog light is redesigned to have a larger size different from the head lights. It is also applied for its bumper that it is designed to be larger. Meanwhile, in the middle of the car, the logo of its company is placed perfectly stylishly. Moreover, the dimensions of this model are lenght 178.7 inches, width 72.8 inches, and height 74.9 inches.

2016 Nissan Xterra Release date and Price

This new model of Nissan Xterra which will be released in 2016 is anticipated in the market. There are many predictions for the price range in the market. However, the price of this new model 2016 Nissan Xterra is estimated to range from $ 25.000 up to $ 32.000. With the new features and great redesign, this price tag is quite cheap and also the price is different for each version of this new model of Nissan Xterra. Also, this new model has several competitors which are considered as biggest rivals. Those are Toyota FJ Cruiser, Jeep Wrangler, and also Jeep Cherokee. Finally, with the explanation of specification and price of the the Nissa Xterra, it will give references before purchasing this upcoming car.

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