Ascari A10 Review and Interior

Ascari A10 result that competition among car companies to produce supercar is getting serious. It can be seen by a British car company Ascari which produce its new supercar the Ascari A10. This article will give Ascari A10 Review and Interior. The car is as commemoration of the 10th anniversary in the industry which is based in Banbury, England. The car is actually the road car version of the KZ1-R race car that raced in the Spanish GT Championship. It is the third road car the Ascari has produced and was designed by Paul Brown, a former F1 designer. The previous two super road cars were the Ecosse and KZ1.

Ascari A10 Picture

New Ascari A10 Picture

Ascari A10 Picture

New Ascari A10 Blue

Ascari A10 Blue

New Ascari A10 Red

Ascari A10 Red

New Ascari A10 Black

Ascari A10 Black

New Ascari A10 Silver

Ascari A10 Silver

New Ascari A10 Yellow

Ascari A10 Yellow


The Ascari A10 uses the engine of BMW 5.0 V8 with some modifications. The engine delivers 625 HP which is supported by six speed manual gearbox and connected with standard manual transmission. Like the KZ1, the chassis is made of carbon with similar body design to the KZ1-R GT race car which makes it to be lightweight of 1,280 kg.

The all new bodywork and suspension are racing standards. With all those engine and bodywork, the Ascari A10 can run from 0-60 below 3 second and can reach the maximum speed of 220 miles per hour. The tires are provided by Michelin with 265/35 ZR18 for the front and 345/50 ZR 18 for the rear. The car uses ceramic discs and is clamped by racing calipers on the front and back. By seeing the above Ascari A10 Review, you probably don’t mind to pay $650,000 to get this car.


New Ascari A10 Interior

Ascari A10 Interior

New Ascari A10 Interior1

Ascari A10 Interior1

New Ascari A10 Interior2

Ascari A10 Interior2

New Ascari A10 Interior3

Ascari A10 Interior3

Ascari A10 Interior is designed to be simple and functional. There are not many buttons on the dashboard and it lacks air conditioner. However, the car provide you with lightweight racing seats, climate control, a remote central lock system, electric doors and carbon fiber door panel. The meters and gauge design are like the shape of 1980’s car headlamps.