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Ford Kuga Specs Review and PriceSome Reasons to Love Ford Kuga Need a car to support your daily activities? Ford Kuga is a car that provides great features and look for the owner. Let’s take a look and you will be amazed with this car. We can start from the performance of Kuga. There are four engines inside this amazing car. Moreover, you are able to choose two or four wheel drive. There is 2.0 liter diesel which comes in 128 and 161 bhp outputs. The 161 bhp engine is really smooth and responsive. Moreover, the 1.6 turbocharged Ecoboost petrol engine is available in two outputs. There are more facts to be shared about Ford Kuga.

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Ford Kuga has responsive and nicely weighted steering. This car is able to make you feel relax during your journey. The 2.0 liter diesel engines in Kuga are impressively settled at low revs.  The petrol engine is quieter and more settled at low speeds.  The presence is noticeable when you accelerate hard. Ford Kuga has a stability control system that helps you to keep on the road, even the conditions are tricky. You do not have to worry about controlling this car on bumpy roads or slippery road. Definitely, Kuga is your buddy that will keep you safe during your journey.

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What about the interior of Ford Kuga? Well, this car is perfect for your family. It has comfortable seats. It is really fun to ride Kuga for a long journey. Moreover, there are enough spaces to keep your belongings without taking passengers’ space. There are seven airbags and Ford Kuga offers an Emergency Assistance system that alerts the emergency services in case of a crash. There is a modern alarm to keep your Kuga from robbery. What do you think? This car does not only offer comfortable seating but also safety for the owners.

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Last but not least, it is not exaggerating to say that Ford Kuga is a car with affordable price. You are not mistaken. The range of price starts from $27,990 for manual version to $31,490 in automatic version. Trend 1.6 liter petrol AWD is $36,240 in manual version and $31,490 in automatic version. The Titanium 1.6 liter petrol is $44,470 for automatic and Titanium 2.0 liter in automatic is $47,740. It is really worth to spend money for such amazing car. The warranty is 3 years/ 100,000km. You will not regret your decision. Choosing Ford Kuga is a great investment.

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