Nissan Serena 2014 as Big Family Modern MPV

Nissan Serena 2014 as Big Family Modern MPVOne more sophistication is from a leading brand with Nissan Serena 2014. It is an MPV that will seize the attention for the lovers of big vehicles with the best specs. Whatever you get from a new car, but this is the breakthrough that you can look at the progress on several sides. With the CVT transmission system, Emergency Assist for Pedal Misapplication and Lane Departure Warning LDW, you will recognize that this is the best product that you can consider as a family car.

nissan serena 2014 picture

nissan serena 2014 off road

Nissan Serena 2014 Interior and Exterior Design

In this 2014 Nissan Serena review, you will recognize on the interior. It is a powerful vehicle that can bring more members in your travels. Also, the design of strong and soft at the seating that will make you feel comfortable to drive. Also, you will never find it difficult to trace the track because there are smart assistance of multimedia contained LCD. And this is a modern convenience of a proper MPV type.

You could be comparing a few reviews about the exterior. And you will find some common the fact that this car is very elegant and dashing. With the front and back that create the impression beautiful and perfect. At first glance, this is a prototype of a futuristic design for a family car. And the most interesting choice is very convincing form with an impressive concept. So, this type is very precise in the balance between the interior and exterior.

nissan serena 2014 interior

Pros and Cons of 2014 Nissan Serena

Just as by the latest types, there are many pros who have agreed on the design and engine. And this type is appropriate if you need a decent modern vehicle for long trips. Meanwhile, you can also count on some powerful features to assist your steering. However, there are some cons that state that this may be the same as the types of releases in 2014. Supposedly, one can compare the more recent types.

So, how much should you pay for this type? Until now, there is no certainty as to the price that can be set. One thing for sure is there are some differences for each country. It will be a little inconvenient. If you want to get this, you must make sure that you really need a modern MPV that can be relied upon for any road condition. Indeed, Nissan Serena 2014 is a type that is highly recommended for those of you who like the elegant style of driving a large vehicle.