Toyota Fortuner Super SUV Car

Toyota Fortuner Super SUV Car - Toyota Fortuner is a perfect car for adventurers who expect powerful and multipurpose SUV for overcoming even the most difficult terrains. The car’s off-road capability has already been proven through a series of challenges in Asia and Europe. Its success in covering a long trek totaling 27,000 km along the Silk Road in both continents has attested this car’s status as a car with the best performance and endurance. The car’s tagline “The World is Mine” has been proven not to be a mere tagline. This tagline is evident in the real world and this car has truly accomplished its role as a great car for both casual and off-road driving.

Toyota Fortuner Specifications

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This spec section will focus on the car’s engine and design, both exterior and interior. All variants of this car use diesel engine with four-wheel drive option, which is clear evidence that the car is expected to be a car of power, not speed. Two transmission options are available for this car: 4-speed automatic transmission and 5-speed manual transmission. The transmission allows drivers to reach up to 11 kilometers per liter on highways, making this car a relatively fuel-efficient car if its size is taken into consideration.

Toyota Fortuner  also has fantastic exterior and interior design. As a powerful car, its exterior has been designed to be as muscular as possible. Its front grill and headlamps are larger than those of most Toyota cars and its sheer look is further enhanced by its over-fender. In general, the exterior design of the car is intended to exhibit the car as a powerful car. The car’s interior also looks great with its stylish design. Its eye-catching dual tone dashboard looks elegant and luxurious at the same time. Because toyota fortuner is designed to overcome difficult challenges over long distance, its interior has been made very spacious with enough legroom for all passengers. Other features that make this car an exclusive one include leather seats with power adjuster.

Review of Toyota Fortuner

All in all, this review concludes that this car is very suitable for both casual driving on city roads and highways and off-road driving on rough terrains. Its price, which is tagged at around $45,000, is considered a little bit expensive; however, considering all features that this car offers, the tag seems to show the right value. Read thoroughly the features that have been explained above and decide whether it is reasonable for you to buy this Toyota Fortuner

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